Masterpal® solution allows to detect the non-compliance of a pallet and to put it aside, before it blocks your automated systems or your storage racks.

Fully customizable control points

A custom configuration according to the defects you want to detect.

Control points available for empty pallet:

  • - Detection of a complete lack of a sole or frieze.
    - Detection of a lack of material, on a configurable length, outside the soles or friezes.

  • - Detection of a hanging flange (not fixed to the studs) during the unstacking of the unit pallets, this control is carried out at the unstacker.

  • - Detection of a complete lack of pad, whatever its position.
    - Detection of a lack of material on the length of the external studs. The lack of material is configurable on the length of the studs; does not work for the internal studs.

  • - Detection of a pallet too long or too small; too wide or not wide enough; too high or not high enough.
    - This detection allows the control of outward-facing studs (in the length and/or width direction).
    - Detection of nails that protrude too much; Attention: No detection of nails if they do not protrude more than 10mm.

  • - Detection of a turned plot protruding inside the pallet.
    - Detection of material obstructing the passage of forks.

  • - Detection of a breakage on the soles or the friezes by pneumatic support in several points.

  • - Detection of a too important hygrometry rate, in one or several points of the pallet.
    - Verification of the weight of the whole pallet.

  • - Identification of the color of the pallet.

Control points available for loaded pallet:

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